• Welcome Bluff Dale FFA Officer Candidates
    for 2018-19 School Year

    Application: Officer Application Click on link, open, print file, read and complete

     Important Dates:

    April 13: FFA Candidate Meeting during lunch

    April 24: Officer Applications must be 100% complete and are due by the end of the day to Mrs. Rogers, no exception.

    April 25  - Teacher Blind Vote sheets given to teachers
    April 27- Teacher Blind votes due

    April 30 & May 1- we will record Candidate videos for secret ballot vote before school in my classroom (official dress waist up) 
    April 30- we will have Officer Interviews at BDISD at 5pm (candiates must be in official dress)
    May 2- FFA Member Secret Ballot Vote during Ag classes and lunch
    May 3- Announce Officer Results for 2018-19 School Year during lunch
    May 17- FFA Banquet (installation of new officers)
    If you have any questions or concerns please let Mrs. Rogers know